That One Person

Have you ever been close to someone?

By close, I don’t mean sharing your daily life instances with them every night. By close, I mean, having a person in your life, with whom if you don’t talk even for a day, you feel restless. Your soul feels restless and you start checking your notifications every 5 minutes just to see that person’s name there.

By close, I mean, adopting their mannerisms unconsciously and starting to behave accordingly. Typing things the way they do, reacting to situations with the person’s imagine in your head and asking every little stuff and detail that you already about a thing, but just because you would get to talk more. Have you ever been there? Trust me, its a beautiful phase of life. When you have someone to listen to every little shit of your’s, without any complaint whatsoever and without any sense of shame.  Where you feel incomplete, when a day goes by without talking to the person, or you start defining happiness as the person’s name. This companionship is magical.

BUT, life is not a piece of cake. Phases are called phases because they aren’t here to last long. Life will gain its pace, and so will your closeness. Things will get out of hands before you know it. Believe me, you wouldn’t even know when you loose that person. And then you’d be devastated. So, If you guys have anyone like this, in your life. Hold onto them, never let them go. No matter what, don’t give up!    

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