Life Of Phases


Life is made of phases. You wake up some morning, only to realize how one phase of your life has passed by. Teaching you things, making you experience stuff that has made you wiser, and better with dealing life. You realize how that one song which would bring up a flood of emotions in your heart, doesn’t make you even wink anymore. You look out of your window, sipping down your cup of tea, and a smirk arouses on your face, and your conscience speaks to yourself,”Well Done!”. You realize how people have come and gone through your life, and taught you more than those textbooks ever did. How, with age, you have become a person, that you’d be proud of. How, things that once made you lose sleep, don’t bother you anymore. How, being busy is not something you shirk, and how, you have found yourself a happy-shell around you. Life has been tough, but trust me, you have been tougher!

Published by paramvs8

Indian | Engineer in Making | Writing is a passion |

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