As I put my keyboard to use after a very long time, and hoping everyone, everywhere is safe and sound amidst the Global Pandemic that we are in right now. Who knew, on 31st December 2019, as a planet when we celebrated Earth’s revolution around the Sun, that the new revolution isn’t going to be that great?

Every source of information, be it the Social Media, the print media, or the entire Internet for that matter, is just filled with news related to Covid-19. And with all the lockdowns, and isolations that our governments have made us follow, the amount of free time we have as now increased seamlessly, and with that the amount of opinions that are being generated also have.

Does Individuality Have To Do With Having Opinions? ALWAYS?

Since our upbringing we are taught about how we have to grow up as a separate entity, void of all the attachments that we have with us like our name, our parents, our family-name , and try to create an identity of our own. As kids, when we ask what does that mean? Our parents answer it with the most generic statement,

You have to have your own opinions in life.

Every Parent Ever : )

And yes, there’s no lie in that. Individuality is addressed by a person’s thinking, and his/her opinions. But, the mind raises a few questions.

  1. Do we really need to showcase them always?
  2. Do we always need to have that validation to ourselves?
  3. Why do we fear not putting in our opinion about something out in the world?
  4. Does the absence of opinion, strip you of your individuality?
  5. Is it really okay, to put out your opinion about something on the basis of the little knowledge you have about a matter?
Think About It

Many times in our day-to-day life we come across situations where we are asked of our opinions about a certain matter. And its ALWAYS either one of the two scenarios. Either we have a good knowledge and study of the matter, or we DO NOT. There’s no in between. And it is all about the choice we make. But we succumb to the pressure of the spotlight, and tend to blabber out stuff that might,

  1. Create Controversy
  2. Hurt People’s Sentiments
  3. Showcase our poor knowledge
  4. Start a new debate

Its as easy as to say ‘I don’t know!’

Yeah, I don’t know!

Putting out your opinions on social media platforms, where we influence the way people think, is very dangerous. Not knowing the depth, gravity and amplitude of a particular event is fine, and not commenting about it is also totally fine. Nobody is obligated to participate in discussions on an influencing platform.

And for that matter, if the event is sensitive enough to influence young minds, and their thinking, we have to be extra careful while ranting or commenting about it. You don’t have to go out and speak for and about everything.

Restraining an urge to speak out an uneducated piece of opinion would be a wise choice in today’s world. Because, everything you speak, write or voice out will be heard, acknowledged and criticized by people who might be your friends, family or even complete strangers. Not everyone knows the way you think, not everyone will be considerate enough to sit back and think why did you say something, and what might be the reason behind it. Nobody knows your story, and might think of your uneducated opinion as a showcase or excerpt of your story.

Lastly, just don’t fear about putting your opinions out. Try and be more precise about what you say, and be ready with more points up your sleeve to blow away the people who might take hurt and harm and offence in your statements. You can not be filtered enough to not hurt anybody, but you should also not be careless enough to not have a firm knowledge and idea about what you are about to put out their.

Stay Safe, we will get over this. Peace.

And yes, this was my opinion. Feel free to criticize. 😊🤗

Also, do watch Rohan Joshi’s Wake n Bake on Netflix, as he has spoken beautifully about the same.

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