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“I don’t know!”

As I put my keyboard to use after a very long time, and hoping everyone, everywhere is safe and sound amidst the Global Pandemic that we are in right now. Who knew, on 31st December 2019, as a planet when we celebrated Earth’s revolution around the Sun, that the new revolution isn’t going to be that great?

Every source of information, be it the Social Media, the print media, or the entire Internet for that matter, is just filled with news related to Covid-19. And with all the lockdowns, and isolations that our governments have made us follow, the amount of free time we have as now increased seamlessly, and with that the amount of opinions that are being generated also have.

Does Individuality Have To Do With Having Opinions? ALWAYS?

Since our upbringing we are taught about how we have to grow up as a separate entity, void of all the attachments that we have with us like our name, our parents, our family-name , and try to create an identity of our own. As kids, when we ask what does that mean? Our parents answer it with the most generic statement,

You have to have your own opinions in life.

Every Parent Ever : )

And yes, there’s no lie in that. Individuality is addressed by a person’s thinking, and his/her opinions. But, the mind raises a few questions.

  1. Do we really need to showcase them always?
  2. Do we always need to have that validation to ourselves?
  3. Why do we fear not putting in our opinion about something out in the world?
  4. Does the absence of opinion, strip you of your individuality?
  5. Is it really okay, to put out your opinion about something on the basis of the little knowledge you have about a matter?
Think About It

Many times in our day-to-day life we come across situations where we are asked of our opinions about a certain matter. And its ALWAYS either one of the two scenarios. Either we have a good knowledge and study of the matter, or we DO NOT. There’s no in between. And it is all about the choice we make. But we succumb to the pressure of the spotlight, and tend to blabber out stuff that might,

  1. Create Controversy
  2. Hurt People’s Sentiments
  3. Showcase our poor knowledge
  4. Start a new debate

Its as easy as to say ‘I don’t know!’

Yeah, I don’t know!

Putting out your opinions on social media platforms, where we influence the way people think, is very dangerous. Not knowing the depth, gravity and amplitude of a particular event is fine, and not commenting about it is also totally fine. Nobody is obligated to participate in discussions on an influencing platform.

And for that matter, if the event is sensitive enough to influence young minds, and their thinking, we have to be extra careful while ranting or commenting about it. You don’t have to go out and speak for and about everything.

Restraining an urge to speak out an uneducated piece of opinion would be a wise choice in today’s world. Because, everything you speak, write or voice out will be heard, acknowledged and criticized by people who might be your friends, family or even complete strangers. Not everyone knows the way you think, not everyone will be considerate enough to sit back and think why did you say something, and what might be the reason behind it. Nobody knows your story, and might think of your uneducated opinion as a showcase or excerpt of your story.

Lastly, just don’t fear about putting your opinions out. Try and be more precise about what you say, and be ready with more points up your sleeve to blow away the people who might take hurt and harm and offence in your statements. You can not be filtered enough to not hurt anybody, but you should also not be careless enough to not have a firm knowledge and idea about what you are about to put out their.

Stay Safe, we will get over this. Peace.

And yes, this was my opinion. Feel free to criticize. 😊🤗

Also, do watch Rohan Joshi’s Wake n Bake on Netflix, as he has spoken beautifully about the same.


Cricket : And how I fell in love with it?

“Dhoni ! Finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lifts the World Cup after 28 years, the party starts in the dressing room. And it’s an Indian captain who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final! ”

Ravi Shastri (2nd April,2011)
MSD hitting it out of the park
Chills, literal chills.

If you’re a cricket fan, you know what these lines mean to us. You will never be able to forget even a single word of what Ravi Shastri had quoted on that beautiful 2nd of April, 2011 when I saw the entire India unite in front of my eyes. I was 11 years old then, just like many of you all who might be reading this piece.

Unaware of what cricket means to us, Indians, I had painted my face in the tri-colour, and sat with my friends, with a projector screen telecasting the live match in front of us. Didn’t know that evening was going to change my life forever. I remember having Pav Bhaji (an Indian favorite fast food) when Virender Sehwag got LBW and Sachin Tendulkar returned back to the pavilion.

I didn’t know or understand the intensity or importance of that match, until the very last ball when MS Dhoni hit Nuwan Kulasekra out of the park at Wankhede, barely 30 kms away from my home. The next 3 hours? I remember as clearly as a crystal. We rejoiced. We shouted, screamed, went nuts with happiness. I saw people crying, I saw people out on the streets with the Indian flag in their hand. I saw people dance to the beats of drums, as if It was a Baarat (a marriage procession in India).

We were in cars, driving. And all the roads were jam-packed. People had halted, people were on car roofs, singing the national anthem. Everyone was together. That night there existed no religion, no caste, no creed. No one cared. Everyone rejoiced as Indians.

That’s when I realized the power of cricket. It had the power to bring together 1.3 billion people together. Ever since, I have fallen in love with this game. It has made me fall in love with its beauty, its elegance, its intensity, the attitude that it carries with itself. There were evenings when I have found solace in Virat and Rohit batting together, when Ishant and Bhuvneshwar have made Australian batsmen dance to their tunes, in Australia.

Cricket isn’t just a game for me anymore. It’s a part of me. I have screamed in happiness when in 2017, 2019 Mumbai Indians went on to win the IPL title on the last ball, when Dinesh Karthik hit that last ball six in the Nidahas Trophy final, when Hitman hit 264, when Shami took that hattrick against Afghanistan in the 2019 WC. I have cried, and felt goosebumps when Sachin Tendulkar gave his farewell speech on Wankhede in Nov, 2013. I have had teary eyes when I saw biopics of Dhoni, Sachin.

Cricket has taught me to feel, to handle what I feel, and to cherish it.

Cricket is love.

-Param Shendekar

                                             (A 20 y/o who loves cricket as much as you all.)


Lost, Are We?

“What am I doing?”

“Why isn’t anything working in my favor?”

“Am I lost?”

Yes, I know you have these concerns. Even I do. Trust me, everyone of us faces these questions. And not just once in a lifetime, but constantly. It is nothing but natural to feel lost and out of luck when things don’t work your way. When the efforts that you put daily aren’t bearing any fruits. The outcome of your hard work is nothing but a tired body at the end of the day. It happens.

But trust me. Every muscle that you hustle is going to count. Every move that you make towards your goal, no matter how small, is definitely taking you to your goal. All that hard work? All the sleepless nights? All those times when you were a femtometer close to quitting, but didn’t? Everything will be accounted for. Believe in the pain, it will lead you to glory. No one will be happier to see you quit, than your competitors. And you sure must invest in your happiness, and not theirs.

Everything works out just fine. You aren’t lost dear reader. You are just a bit off-track. Keep hustling and jostling, and you sure will gain the momentum to get you back on track. Believe in yourself. Just believe.



The sun is on the horizon as the sky changes its hue to a calming and soothing shade. The breeze flies calmly as the birds are chirping back to their nests. Every evening is the same, and yet very different on its own. Things are at their usual places, and yet this mind of yours decides to wander. There are evenings when you listen to fast and energetic music, trying to get the adrenaline rushing through me so that you can work with greater dedication and sheer focus. There are evenings when you would want peace. A sense of calm, and no disturbance. The same sky which gave you energy, will now just stay stagnant as time passes. On some evenings, life will be chaotic. There will be things that aren’t working in your favor, people not behaving as you want, your mind will be the last place you would want to reside in.  

And yet, those few hours before the moon comes out of its hiding, are when you would want to be in full control. Let not your mind get the better of you. Let that gush of wind kiss your cheek and let that drowning sun give you warmth by the last of its rays that reach you. Let it happen.


Life Of Phases


Life is made of phases. You wake up some morning, only to realize how one phase of your life has passed by. Teaching you things, making you experience stuff that has made you wiser, and better with dealing life. You realize how that one song which would bring up a flood of emotions in your heart, doesn’t make you even wink anymore. You look out of your window, sipping down your cup of tea, and a smirk arouses on your face, and your conscience speaks to yourself,”Well Done!”. You realize how people have come and gone through your life, and taught you more than those textbooks ever did. How, with age, you have become a person, that you’d be proud of. How, things that once made you lose sleep, don’t bother you anymore. How, being busy is not something you shirk, and how, you have found yourself a happy-shell around you. Life has been tough, but trust me, you have been tougher!


That One Person

Have you ever been close to someone?

By close, I don’t mean sharing your daily life instances with them every night. By close, I mean, having a person in your life, with whom if you don’t talk even for a day, you feel restless. Your soul feels restless and you start checking your notifications every 5 minutes just to see that person’s name there.

By close, I mean, adopting their mannerisms unconsciously and starting to behave accordingly. Typing things the way they do, reacting to situations with the person’s imagine in your head and asking every little stuff and detail that you already about a thing, but just because you would get to talk more. Have you ever been there? Trust me, its a beautiful phase of life. When you have someone to listen to every little shit of your’s, without any complaint whatsoever and without any sense of shame.  Where you feel incomplete, when a day goes by without talking to the person, or you start defining happiness as the person’s name. This companionship is magical.

BUT, life is not a piece of cake. Phases are called phases because they aren’t here to last long. Life will gain its pace, and so will your closeness. Things will get out of hands before you know it. Believe me, you wouldn’t even know when you loose that person. And then you’d be devastated. So, If you guys have anyone like this, in your life. Hold onto them, never let them go. No matter what, don’t give up!    


A Sense Of Calm

EMOTIONAL MATURITY. Have you guys attained it yet?

The peace of mind, the sense of calm, the realm of soothe, the religion of comfort and the feel of joy. Yes, its possible to feel those emotions amidst all the negativity and disgrace that is currently spread around us in the world right now. You just need that emotional maturity. Its when you are at a sense of emotional  satisfaction, where you’ll be fine without having to talk to or text with anyone. Its all about the falling for your own self kind of a thing. The urge of being social doesn’t contribute to your excitement anymore. Its like having a completely personal chamber of emotions confined in a protective membrane where you feel the happiest without anyone’s influence.

Emotional maturity is when you really don’t care who’s taking efforts to be in your life. And you end up spending your entire day with Yourself. When watching Stand-Up comedy the whole afternoon in your bedroom with the Air conditioner ON and sleeping yourself to laughter is the vibe that you want, that is when you realize you were trying to find happiness in things which were so huge as compared to these little small moments of free happiness.  Life is going to be harsh on you, always. There’s no escape from life. But let these little times where you want to be with your own, be your way to escape from reality.        


Cold Nights.

Have you ever stayed up at night?

Doing nothing. Just stayed awake. With yourself. Staring out of the window, looking at nothing. Your eyes are wide open, but you don’t connect with them. Has this ever happened to you? When all of a sudden, you start feeling and absorbing the surrounding energy. The night breeze, the wall clock’s second hand ticking, the clapping of the window panes with each other. You begin to hear things you never cared to give an ear to. This is the time, when your life flashes beyond your eyes. You begin to cater yourself with self judgement. You come up with plans that you are probably gonna bury away the next morning. Such wild ideas cross your mind. The night’s silence is the time, when you hear yourself talk to you. Feeding yourself with all the ideas that you have saved somewhere in a small place in your sub-conscious mind. If this has never happened to you, you are probably an early sleeper or a person who has attained peace in life. But for the rest of you, we are living in the same world, sailing the same ship. Our destinations though may differ, but our journey is the same. Hang on tight, life is gonna bring a 1000 more sleepless yet thoughtful nights into your lives. Work them wonderfully! 

Blog Owned and Written By:-

Well, every blog has it’s own story. A reason, a motivation, an inspiration behind every blogger. Every blogger decides to start this venture, out of a reason which is personal. For some, it acts as an escape from what they hate to what they love. Some do it as a hobby. While, some like to maintain this as an online diary, while some do it aimed for someone else.

Me? I have a completely different reason. The date, 17/8/19, I’m starting this blog, is the date I realized I have to do 560 hours of internships at places, so that I get my B.Tech degree. I’m starting this blog as a Second Year undergrad from K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering, Mumbai.

I’ve no idea what life has in store for me, and I’m not going to waste a second pondering about the same. This blog is for uploading my writings, all at one place which will help me attach the link in the resumes I send out to different companies.

I’ve no expectations that this blog is going to attract traffic, and that is not even my motive. If at all anyone reads this ever, don’t forget to mention on the page that you actually reached here.

Signing off from my introduction, Param!