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Well, every blog has it’s own story. A reason, a motivation, an inspiration behind every blogger. Every blogger decides to start this venture, out of a reason which is personal. For some, it acts as an escape from what they hate to what they love. Some do it as a hobby. While, some like to maintain this as an online diary, while some do it aimed for someone else.

Me? I have a completely different reason. The date, 17/8/19, I’m starting this blog, is the date I realized I have to do 560 hours of internships at places, so that I get my B.Tech degree. I’m starting this blog as a Second Year undergrad from K.J Somaiya College Of Engineering, Mumbai.

I’ve no idea what life has in store for me, and I’m not going to waste a second pondering about the same. This blog is for uploading my writings, all at one place which will help me attach the link in the resumes I send out to different companies.

I’ve no expectations that this blog is going to attract traffic, and that is not even my motive. If at all anyone reads this ever, don’t forget to mention on the page that you actually reached here.

Signing off from my introduction, Param!

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