Cold Nights.

Have you ever stayed up at night?

Doing nothing. Just stayed awake. With yourself. Staring out of the window, looking at nothing. Your eyes are wide open, but you don’t connect with them. Has this ever happened to you? When all of a sudden, you start feeling and absorbing the surrounding energy. The night breeze, the wall clock’s second hand ticking, the clapping of the window panes with each other. You begin to hear things you never cared to give an ear to. This is the time, when your life flashes beyond your eyes. You begin to cater yourself with self judgement. You come up with plans that you are probably gonna bury away the next morning. Such wild ideas cross your mind. The night’s silence is the time, when you hear yourself talk to you. Feeding yourself with all the ideas that you have saved somewhere in a small place in your sub-conscious mind. If this has never happened to you, you are probably an early sleeper or a person who has attained peace in life. But for the rest of you, we are living in the same world, sailing the same ship. Our destinations though may differ, but our journey is the same. Hang on tight, life is gonna bring a 1000 more sleepless yet thoughtful nights into your lives. Work them wonderfully! 

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