Lost, Are We?

“What am I doing?”

“Why isn’t anything working in my favor?”

“Am I lost?”

Yes, I know you have these concerns. Even I do. Trust me, everyone of us faces these questions. And not just once in a lifetime, but constantly. It is nothing but natural to feel lost and out of luck when things don’t work your way. When the efforts that you put daily aren’t bearing any fruits. The outcome of your hard work is nothing but a tired body at the end of the day. It happens.

But trust me. Every muscle that you hustle is going to count. Every move that you make towards your goal, no matter how small, is definitely taking you to your goal. All that hard work? All the sleepless nights? All those times when you were a femtometer close to quitting, but didn’t? Everything will be accounted for. Believe in the pain, it will lead you to glory. No one will be happier to see you quit, than your competitors. And you sure must invest in your happiness, and not theirs.

Everything works out just fine. You aren’t lost dear reader. You are just a bit off-track. Keep hustling and jostling, and you sure will gain the momentum to get you back on track. Believe in yourself. Just believe.

Published by paramvs8

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