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The sun is on the horizon as the sky changes its hue to a calming and soothing shade. The breeze flies calmly as the birds are chirping back to their nests. Every evening is the same, and yet very different on its own. Things are at their usual places, and yet this mind of yours decides to wander. There are evenings when you listen to fast and energetic music, trying to get the adrenaline rushing through me so that you can work with greater dedication and sheer focus. There are evenings when you would want peace. A sense of calm, and no disturbance. The same sky which gave you energy, will now just stay stagnant as time passes. On some evenings, life will be chaotic. There will be things that aren’t working in your favor, people not behaving as you want, your mind will be the last place you would want to reside in.  

And yet, those few hours before the moon comes out of its hiding, are when you would want to be in full control. Let not your mind get the better of you. Let that gush of wind kiss your cheek and let that drowning sun give you warmth by the last of its rays that reach you. Let it happen.


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